Are NHL Players Earning Less Compared To Other Players

NHL players do make less money on average than athletes in other sports. MLB players like Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols make far higher salaries than top NHL players like Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. Top NFL athletes such as Joe Flacco and Drew Brees also make a good bit more than NHL players. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are two of the highest paid NBA players, and they, too, trump the salaries of the NHL’s biggest stars. None of this even takes endorsement deals into account. Players in other sports are much more likely to score

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The affects of the 2004 Lockout on The NHL

Back in 2004, the NHL cancelled an entire season. This was at one of the high points of the league, and people were actually excited about hockey. Before the lockout took place, ESPN was running hockey games, and fans were filling up arenas. After the season was lost, fans quit watching, and many fans quit going to the games. Is the lockout still a factor today? That is a good question, and the answer will depend upon who you

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How The 2004 Lockout Affect The NHL Season

The 2004 NHL lockout had a severe effect on the integrity of the sport in the eyes of the fans. If it wasn’t for superior forms of marketing today, those fans would have never returned to watch the NHL. The owners and players were entirely too greedy when it came to the lockout. They could not come to an agreement over the money that was supposed to be used for revenue sharing compared to the rising of the salary caps. The ruined season in 2004 caused the sport’s popularity to decline at a rapid rate. It wasn’t

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Wayne Gretzky And His Views On The Lockout

Wayne Gretzky is considered one of the greatest players to ever play in the NHL. He is in the Hall of Fame and his nickname is “The Great One.” It should come as no surprise that when he made remarks regarding this year’s NHL lockout, people took notice.
In early October, Gretzky made comments about the lockout during a news conference. He believes that the lockout will not end the regular season because the 2004-05 lockout solved the major problems.

“Now it is a question of working out a number that both sides think

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Why Professional Sports Are Locking Out The Players

Within the past two years, two of America’s biggest professional sports have had lockouts. The NFL locked its players out last year, and the NHL locked its players out as of September 16, 2012. The NFL resolved its lockout without losing any games, but the NHL lost the entire 2004-05 season to its last lockout. The current NHL lockout is now putting the 2012 season in jeopardy. The lockouts are complicated but boil down to a few simple principles.
For the NHL owners, the lockout is a tool used to leverage players into conceding to

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Best Ways To Manage Your NHL Fantasy Team

Managing your NHL fantasy team may be easier than you think. There are just a few really good options for doing so. The good thing is, it doesn’t take a genius to put these options into good use.

One of the best things that you can do is look to see the opponents your players are going against. If one of your best players is going against a very good defense and goalie, you may want to start a more mediocre player

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Oilers Fans Angry Over Potential NHL Team Move

The owner of the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League has found himself the subject of anger and abuse from his teams fans following a threat to move the team ouot of Canada. In response to leaked information regarding the building of a new ice hockey arena in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Darly Katz, chairman of Rexall Sports threatened to move the team out of Canada and into the U.S. city of Seattle.

The 475 million arena to be built in downtown Edmonton looks set to top 700 million in construction costs funded by Alberta’s

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Disappointing Moments in The 2012 Hockey Season

One of the most disappointing events of the 2012 NHL hockey season was when the Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated by the Philadelphia Flyers in the opening round. The Penguins were one of the favorite teams headed into the post season, and many fans were let down when they lost to Philadelphia in game six.

After this loss it has been very clear that Pittsburgh management needs to make some changes. Coaches have decided to stick with the teams core players next season, but may need to make some

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